Logo Tresor - vase de vixIt is in Bourgogne at the edge of the Mount Lassois at Vix in Côte d’Or within the year 1953 that the most attractive princely Celt’s site was discovered.

Going back to year 550 and 450 before JC, the spot was discovered on the way linking the Paris Basin to the Rhone Basin through the Seine and the Saône valleys.

Discover all the magnificence of this discovery, the richness of it’s excavations which reveals the presence of a million of ceramic’s fragments, 150 fibulas, thousands of objects made with bronze, with iron, with pearls, weapons and jewels within which, the gold made diadem of the lady of Vix, and this beautiful Bronze vase…

And don’t hesitate to visit the nice museum which shelter them at "Chatillon sur Seine" in Cote d’Or.

Tresor de vix

Vix crater (vase)

Height : 1,64 m / Diameter : 1,27 m.
208,6 Kg / 1100 liters